The Road to 50

As has been known to happen every couple of years, I’ve had a birthday and I’ve decided to put more energy into my websites.  The fact that two posts down from here exists a post proclaiming much the same thing — two years ago — gives me the opportunity to cover the same ground as I did then and note the differences two years can make.  So how have I used the intervening years to benefit myself, my family, and my world?

I certainly feel more comfortable with this question than I did last time.  Things definitely feel as though they are moving forward, even though they are moving slowly and perhaps not in precisely the direction I’d hoped or expected.  I am also hopeful that this next year has the potential for new starts, which I wasn’t so sure of last time around.

And this past year has seen a particular change; although there has been less writing about it, there has been real progress in several areas.

In particular, there is progress in areas that I particularly made happen: things have changed, and I have changed them.

The trick now is keeping it coming.

The first thing I mentioned two years ago was the need to address my weight, and I’ve made some changes that have already made a noticeable change from last time, and are habits that are sticking to keep improving.

It’s still not perfectly clear “what I want to do when I grow up,” but now is the time to be trying things until I find out.

So that’s what to look for now: new starts.

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