Welcome to jeffjewell.net

This is the most personal of my weblogs.

While www.jjewell.com is intended to be the front page for my commercial activities, and www.jeffjewell.org is for creative and interactive works, www.jeffjewell.net is about changing lives: in particular, the changing of my own life, and hopefully by extension, the eventual changing of the lives of others.

This is not the first incarnation of jeffjewell.net.  Earlier versions have all, in their turn, struck me as being of dubious enough value so as to have been buried with each new format, or host, or purpose.  They did, however, provide the plan for moving forward.

Because it is the most personal of my weblogs, one type of post will be personal journals… not personal in a hidden-away-and-passworded sense, but personal in a here’s-how-this-worked-or-didn’t-work-for-me sort of way.  History suggests that some of these will be rather whiny pieces… and that they will occasionally be the result of over-indulgence in one substance or another.  I’ll be posting these in the journals category, to be more easily sought out or ignored as your preference requires.

All of my weblogs have a category for posts concerning the weblog itself, and its place within the framework of my overall internet presence.  On this site, these posts will be found in the meta jjn category.

My hope is that I will find some successful techniques and methods for identifying, planning, and achieving personal change that will be useful to others.  For now, these posts will find a home in the Franklinism category.  Benjamin Franklin has been both an inspiration to me and an ideal for me to emulate, and the previous jeffjewell.net used the term to encompass the structure I was creating for life-change.  There are some things about using the term that I’ve grown uncomfortable with, but at the moment I’ve not come up with anything I like any better.

Finally, there will be posts that mostly just link to something or other I’ve found useful or interesting while travelling this road.  These will end up in the resources category.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you find something here that helps you change your life for the better.

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